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3PL Warehouse in Melbourne

Dedicated Warehouses

We have facilities in every major port in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. All are AQIS (Australia) and Customs Bonded. We can provide long term storage solutions upon request.

Specialist Storage & Warehousing services

We provide total services with 3PL warehouse in Melbourne. Our warehousing and distribution solutions are suited to satisfy any B2B and B2C requirement, covering everything overland and intermodal, from pick-up, packaging and crating services across Australia, the USA and the UK. We have embraced the latest warehousing technology and offer all our clients the benefit of a web-based real time cargo tracking system. Our team is knowledgeable of all loading guidelines when blocking or bracing different variety of cargo to ensure safe handling of your goods.

Total visibility of your cargo

Through our fantastic software and partnerships, we can give you daily “up to the minute” status reports when and where required. Providing peace of mind knowledge of where your important freight is.

Driven by cutting edge IT solutions

At Across the Ocean Shipping, we utilise specialised 3PL software that integrates with the industry specific EDI system thereby providing real time reporting.


Cut down expenses & streamline your logistics with 3PL warehouse in Melbourne.
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Each container load has its own unique requirements for loading. Some are straightforward and some need that little bit extra thought and consideration. Our warehousing and storage team can handle it all; from cartons, pallets, bundles, cases and IBCS, all can be handled through our warehouses.

Warehousing Solutions

Over the past few years we have been able to grow our portfolio of loading and securing techniques that has allowed our customers to offer that little bit extra when it comes to looking after their clients cargo. Based on loading under the guidelines of the CTU code of practice has enhanced our abilities to offer a more comprehensive service level.

We can organise and arrange the storage of your containerised cargo right through to the unpacking and warehousing of cartons and units. Your specific requirements are taken into account and a solution package is prepared for your individual circumstances.

Having Warehousing Solutions not only in major ports but located with in close proximity to ports, airports and major freeways to take full advantage of any situation particularly where speed and time can become a factor or a necessity.
Our warehousing solutions facility in the UK is also a registered ”Weigh Station” for VGM requirements method 2. This accreditation is audited by the “Maritime and Coastguard Agency” and relates to the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) requirements for confirming the gross weight of a container prior to loading onto a container ship.”
Absolute Transparency 100%
Warehouse Technology 100%
Cargo type 100%
Picking and Packing 90%

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