Coastal Shipping Services and Domestic Shipping Services

Coastal and Overland Domestic Shipping Services (Australia)

Containerised Coastal Shipping are the preferred domestic shipping services of many organisations due to the efficiency the cost effective means of moving cargoes within Australia. In terms of both cost and environmental efficiency it is both cleaner and cheaper than the road and rail alternatives.

The core shipping coastal business is the East Coast to Fremantle route, however the Melbourne to Brisbane corridor, and Trans Bass services are also strongly used.

We can also tailor Multi-Modal (Rail/Sea) packages for you if appropriate and required with Australia.

Our domestic shipping services include Intermodal Rail Services across all parts of Australia’s container rail network. We cover routes between all mainland State Capitals, Far North Queensland, Alice Springs and Darwin, Kalgoorlie and numerous regional services and destinations.

With such vast land to traverse when shipping across Australia, it is necessary to tailor the best domestic shipping services to ensure optimisation of time and cost. We always look at utilising Australia’s extensive Rail and Road infrastructure to achieve the best results for our customers whenever coastal shipping isn’t feasible.

Australia’s road and rail freight is projected to double by 2030 and we will constantly developing overland shipping and domestic shipping services to ensure that our customers requirements a met with the most suitable freight solutions.


Overland Freight (USA)

Acting as a truck broker Across the Ocean Shipping USA offers a complete range of road services, including domestic LTL & FTL, oversized cargo, cross-border, just-in-time deliveries and motor rail solutions. At Across the Ocean you gain the convenience and reliability that comes from working with a leading transportation provider whose network serves all three North American countries. We work in partnership with an extensive and selective network of trucking companies. Our state of the art supply chain technology selects the optimal carrier in terms of lead time, cost and other requirements. Our ability to leverage these capabilities makes Across the Ocean Shipping the premier choice to address your transportation requirements.

We always build our customers domestic shipping services to the highest standards of service, we ensure the correct security, pricing and compliances are always applied to the cargo specifications. Over the years we have teamed up with local and national carriers which have adhered to our strict partner criteria, we will arrange your overland freight smoothly from pick up to destination, whether shipping locally, interstate or across borders.

Domestic Shipping Services:

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