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Project Transportation, Oversized Cargo and Domestic Shipping

Across the Ocean Shipping was entrusted with organising the delivery of these prefabricated substations.

The brief was to arrange for the oversized cargo to be collected from the Brisbane wharf in Queensland and relocated just outside the mining town of Collinsville in Nth Queensland, almost 1200km’s up the Australian Nth East coast.

These prefabricated substations form the nucleus of the Daydream and Hayman Solar Farm Projects and expected to provide power to 73000 Households (Daydream 55000 / Hayman 18000 Households) commencing operations from an anticipated August 2018 in one of Australia’s largest Solar initiatives consisting of about 2 million solar panels.

These Substations were shipped via 3 Flat Rack containers on two vessels. Totalling over 60 ton in weight, this was never going to be straight forward shipment.

Whilst the first substation was unloaded on track at Brisbane, the international carrier’s 2nd ship had to bypass Brisbane due to bad weather and head down the coast almost a 1000km’s and make Sydney their first port of discharge. This meant returning to Brisbane some two weeks later.

This was when our Projects Team swung into action to re-assess options and determine the best course of action to achieve our clients’ critical time schedule.

Could the remaining Substations be discharged in Sydney and trucked almost 2000km’s to arrive on schedule and co-ordinate with the unloading of the first container being transported from Brisbane?

Enlisting their extensive experience and expertise and tapping into their trusted relationships with transport partners, the project took on a new phase.

With permits and route plans in place, the 2 remaining containers were discharged at Sydney port, delivered to the CFS (Container Freight Station) for unpacking and reloading onto the oversize truck floats.

With vehicle escorts and restricted speed limits, the convoy headed off at 1am on route to rendezvous with the first substation for unloading via Heavy tonnage crane. (see photographs)

Despite the restricted travel times and speed, the freight made it to the remote Solar Farm to be unloaded together with the first Substation which had the relative short journey of 1200kms up the coast line.

Our freight forwarding experience enabled us to successfully co-ordinate and communicate throughout the process to achieve an almost seamless delivery of the Substations to a very satisfied customer and keep this major project on schedule.

The photos below show the enormity of the task presented to Across the Ocean Shipping and our trusted partners.

Again proving that no job is too small or too large for our experienced Project Cargo Team at Across the Ocean Shipping.

Media release March 2018 for Across the Ocean Shipping. (utilising information and photos from Edify Energy and CEFC websites)

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What’s a WOMBAT?

Incoterms and their meanings: International Shipping

On route to work this morning I’m sitting on the train intrigued by the conversation held between the group of teenagers also on their way into the city to enjoy a school holiday activity involving performing arts – I know this because firstly I’m an expert eavesdropper and secondly is it just me or do teenagers speak very very loudly?  Anyway I hear one of them say “hopefully today won’t be a wombat” and they all had a good chuckle and agreed that no one likes a “wombat”.  Well I’ve always thought a wombat is an extremely strong muscular creature often compared to being badger like.  Oh no… a wombat has another meaning – ‘Waste of money, brains and time’.  They do say you learn something every day and this particular lesson I might just pass on and utilise in the right circumstances.

I began thinking about the use of acronyms and where I hear them – after only seconds of me taking my coat off and turning on my work computer do I hear the next set of questions – it soon becomes obvious that International Freight Forwarding is full of these little gems.

Is that DDU or DDP?
It’s an FOB shipment.
What are the EXW on that job?
Do they want a CFR quote or CIF?

WTF……is there some code between International Freight Forwarders?! Apparently there is.  Incoterms – the international rules for the interpretation of trade terms designed by the Chamber of Commerce.

IMHO and as I RBTL my POV is that these Incoterms are very useful when organising import and export shipments; working in different times zones and organising shipments with many different agents and clients overseas these incoterms prove to be a valuable tool when quoting accurately, ensuring full shipment needs are met and the invoicing is correct.

SITD?  Well I HTH….

DDU – Delivery duty unpaid.
DDP – Delivery duty paid.
FOB – Free on board.
EXW – Ex works.
CFR – Cost and Freight.
CIF – Cost, Insurance and Freight.

IMHO – In my humble opinion.
RBTL – Read between the lines.
POV – Point of View.
SITD – Still in the dark.
HTH – Hope this helps.

So not only do all the cool kids use the same acronyms of the Freight Forwarder, I can guarantee there isn’t a WOMBAT situation going on here today.

Renee Laverne.

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The football World Cup moves every four years…why can’t I

Personal Effects and Unaccompanied Baggage Shipping

The World Cup has been played on the continents of Europe, South America, North America, Africa and Asia, countries which have hosted this competitive best known sport in the world include Brazil, Mexico, Spain, England, South Africa, France, Germany, South Korea and Japan to name a few.

The excitement, nervous energy and hope that comes with each start of this amazing competition could be very much compared to moving to another country to set up home, live and explore.  Every four years the TV, radio and internet is full of colourful images, exotic views and beautiful people promoting the hosting country making me wonder what it would be like to live there.

The elegant boulevards of Madrid, the tiny tapas bars of Barcelona, walking the same streets as The Beatles in Liverpool, eating oysters while overlooking the canals in Hamburg, sipping an ice cold beer in Hanover, catching a glimpse of the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, enjoying an authentic Italian pizza in Florence, crunching on a delicious taco in Mexico City washed down with a margarita and most recently being wowed by the 38m Christ the Redeemer atop of Mt Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro are just some of the tantalizing experiences shown all over our TV screens and internet searches at the beginning of this four week tournament.

Wow…I want to see all of those things for real and experience the diversity of this beautiful world we live in, but wait, what if I choose to live in one of these cities and immerse myself in the culture on offer for longer than just a holiday – how would I do this and surely I’d want some of my own personal effects around me?  Without getting into the nitty gritty of being granted a visa and getting a job I’m more wondering who’s going to organise how my clothes, furniture, kitchen utensils, sporting equipment and photograph albums of loved ones are going to arrive in one piece at my destination……I need someone to do this for me and tell me exactly how this happens as I haven’t got the first idea of where to start and how much this will cost me!!!

The Import and Export Operations team here at Across the Ocean Shipping do this on a daily basis, providing quotes to people just like me, ensuring all the correct shipping documents and paperwork is fully filled out, organising the packers to arrive on schedule to load my personal effects into a 20ft or 40ft container and onto the truck, guaranteeing all my things will board the correct vessel.  Not only is this arranged but also when I have given the International Freight Forwarders my arrival address they will liaise with an overseas agent to make sure my unaccompanied baggage will be delivered and unpacked at the desired destination after both mine and my personal effects epic journey’s.


I reckon this team probably deserves a refreshing glass of caipirnha and a relax on the Copacabana Beach as much as I do.


Renee Laverne

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A house inside a container

Shipping Services Australia: Australia to China

When driving over the Bolte Bridge in Melbourne and seeing shipping containers stacked up on top of one another in the shipping yard: have you ever wondered what else they could be used for except for being filled with all kinds of things and put on a vessel and shipped all around the World?

Yes? No? Not really….Well I have, but more so after Across the Ocean Shipping were shipping from China to Australia, the cargo: ‘container houses’ .

The more I look at house prices the more I think living in a shipping container might be economical.

So where and how do I buy a shipping container?  Online of course – 20ft or 40ft, available in a variety of colours; red, blue, green, orange and yellow and various shades of these colours too; the thought of recycling a shipping container and living in it sounds fun!

I’m sure there’s some practicalities that come with living in a recycled shipping container that aren’t so exciting but what about the history and the story behind the shipping container?  In a day and age where “travelling” , “seeing the World” and “living out of a backpack” are regular additions to a person’s CV I think a shipping container would have a pretty impressive list of places seen and challenges overcome.

Just today our International Freight Forwarders here at Across the Ocean Shipping are organising imports and exports all over the world, the goods ranging from coffee beans to fence panels.  These are being packed into shipping containers and heading off to a far away country to be unpacked and delivered at their destination.  These shipping containers are coming from and going to Brazil, USA, Oman, Vietnam, UK, Mauritius, Hong Kong, China, India and Malaysia to name just a few.

Imagine seeing the Gateway to India when sailing into Mumbai or sailing alongside 10 mile beach to enter Port Dickson in Malaysia, if shipping containers had eyes they would see the wonder of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the Opera House – what a view to see during your working day.

Who can say they’ve sailed across thousands of miles of water including the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean –  also millions of shipping containers will pass through the Panama Canal each year which is considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

Now I wouldn’t mind living in a shipping container with an impressive travel story behind it like that.

Renee Laverne

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Where in the World does that come from…?  And how?

Freight Forwarder Melbourne – Across the Ocean Shipping

Within the 7 and a half minutes it took me to load the washing machine and make breakfast on this mild winter morning in Melbourne Australia I realised that Freight Forwarding is a very useful thing.

Just this morning whilst checking the washing instructions on some well loved well worn clothes I read ‘made in Cambodia’ and ‘made in China’ – almost all the clothes in the wardrobes at home are ‘made in somewhere other than where I live’.

Even the washing machine that washes my Chinese and Cambodian made clothes is manufactured in Germany.

Breakfast consists of porridge (Aussie Made!) with berries and chia seeds…mmm where are chia seeds from?  Mexico.

So that’s my clothes, my washing machine and a third of my breakfast that hasn’t been made, sourced or manufactured in Australia hence my original questions and a few more important ones;

How do these things get here and who sorts all that ‘stuff’ out?

Well it’s thanks to Freight Forwarders like Across the Ocean Shipping that I can enjoy my tablespoon of chia seeds on my porridge every morning, from the initial quote given to the consignee who wants to import their goods into Australia which includes – packing costs, completion of commercial documents, delivery to first carrier, inland delivery to the vessel or aircraft, wharfage costs, Customs Brokerage Charges, completion of transport documents, carriage and freight charges, Insurance fees, delivery to destination and then ALL this being organised by Freight Forwarding Operators at Across the Ocean Shipping that it ends up in our shops here in Australia for us to enjoy on a daily basis.


No wonder then with so much International Trade between countries and people re locating all over the world needing personal effects shipping to their new home Freight Forwarders like here at Across the Ocean Shipping in Melbourne are busy tapping away on keyboards filling out documents and emailing clients, making phone calls making sure we can all have a super food filled start to each day!

Renee Laverne

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