Project Transportation, Oversized Cargo and Domestic Shipping

Across the Ocean Shipping was entrusted with organising the delivery of these prefabricated substations.

The brief was to arrange for the oversized cargo to be collected from the Brisbane wharf in Queensland and relocated just outside the mining town of Collinsville in Nth Queensland, almost 1200km’s up the Australian Nth East coast.

These prefabricated substations form the nucleus of the Daydream and Hayman Solar Farm Projects and expected to provide power to 73000 Households (Daydream 55000 / Hayman 18000 Households) commencing operations from an anticipated August 2018 in one of Australia’s largest Solar initiatives consisting of about 2 million solar panels.

These Substations were shipped via 3 Flat Rack containers on two vessels. Totalling over 60 ton in weight, this was never going to be straight forward shipment.

Whilst the first substation was unloaded on track at Brisbane, the international carrier’s 2nd ship had to bypass Brisbane due to bad weather and head down the coast almost a 1000km’s and make Sydney their first port of discharge. This meant returning to Brisbane some two weeks later.

This was when our Projects Team swung into action to re-assess options and determine the best course of action to achieve our clients’ critical time schedule.

Could the remaining Substations be discharged in Sydney and trucked almost 2000km’s to arrive on schedule and co-ordinate with the unloading of the first container being transported from Brisbane?

Enlisting their extensive experience and expertise and tapping into their trusted relationships with transport partners, the project took on a new phase.

With permits and route plans in place, the 2 remaining containers were discharged at Sydney port, delivered to the CFS (Container Freight Station) for unpacking and reloading onto the oversize truck floats.

With vehicle escorts and restricted speed limits, the convoy headed off at 1am on route to rendezvous with the first substation for unloading via Heavy tonnage crane. (see photographs)

Despite the restricted travel times and speed, the freight made it to the remote Solar Farm to be unloaded together with the first Substation which had the relative short journey of 1200kms up the coast line.

Our freight forwarding experience enabled us to successfully co-ordinate and communicate throughout the process to achieve an almost seamless delivery of the Substations to a very satisfied customer and keep this major project on schedule.

The photos below show the enormity of the task presented to Across the Ocean Shipping and our trusted partners.

Again proving that no job is too small or too large for our experienced Project Cargo Team at Across the Ocean Shipping.

Media release March 2018 for Across the Ocean Shipping. (utilising information and photos from Edify Energy and CEFC websites)